Marriage Services

A marriage ceremony (nikah) at Blackhall Mosque must also be a religious marriage (i.e. the legal equivalent of a civil marriage conducted by a registrar). Our imams are authorised to solemnise religious marriages, therefore it is not necessary to have a separate civil marriage. If the civil marriage has already taken place, please bring the marriage certificate on the day.

Step 1 - Marriage Ceremony Form

Complete the Marriage Ceremony Form. You must provide the following information:

    + Date (this must be more than fourteen days in the future - see Step 2).
    + Time.
    + Mahr.

You will be provided with the name of the imam who will perform the marriage ceremony.

Step 2 - Marriage Notice Application Form

At least fourteen days (or 4-6 weeks if you have been married previously) before the marriage ceremony, both you and your fiancé(e) must independently submit a Marriage Notice Application Form in person or by post to the registration office.

The following documents provide further information:

    + Getting Married in Scotland
    + Marriage Notice Form

Each Marriage Notice Application Form must be accompanied by the following documentation:

    1. Birth certificate.

    2. If you have been married before:

        + Evidence of divorce, dissolution or annulment of the previous marriage.
        + Death certificate for your former spouse.

  3. If you are domiciled abroad, a certificate of no impediment stating that you are free to marry. Contact your country's embassy/consulate for advice.

If any of these documents are in a language other than English, a certified translator can provide you with a translation into English.

You will have to specify the marriage ceremony date, mosque address and imam name (see Step 1). Once you submit the Marriage Notice Application Form, details of the marriage will be displayed at the registration office for fourteen clear days before the marriage ceremony. The registration office will give you a date on which to collect the Marriage Schedule, which must be collected by either you or your fiancé(e) in person.

Step 3 - Marriage Ceremony

You must give the imam the Marriage Schedule and after the ceremony, two witnesses must sign it.

Step 4 - Return Marriage Schedule

The signed Marriage Schedule must be returned to the registration office within three working days after the marriage ceremony so that the marriage can be registered. The marriage certificate will be posted to you.

Finding a suitable Husband/wife

A growing problem within the Muslim community in Scotland is the lack of introductions to suitable people for the purpose of marriage. This could be because family and social networks are smaller in comparison to our ancestral homelands, busier lifestyles and even due to people not wishing to become involved in making introductions.

The Services

Our solution is to use masajid for this purpose as they are well-established, trusted and have accessible premises. Candidates will visit a masjid with a mahram or parent, and once the candidate has completed the one-sheet registration process, the matchmakers will begin finding matches for them. A candidate’s profile will be used to find a match based on their stated preferences, rather than the preferences of anyone else, such as the matchmakers. If a matchmaker finds a suitable match, he/she will contact the two parties in order to understand whether they wish to contact each other directly.

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