Mosque Visit Booking

Visiting the mosque

The mosque is delighted to arrange visits. We arrange visits for many organisations and ages. If you would like for us to arrange a visit/tour please fill in the form below. Preferred visit times are 1pm till 3pm Wednesdays. Visits can be arranged subject to availability. A usual visit to the mosque consists of the following:

  • Multi-media presentation about Islamic faith.
  • Q&A and discussion session.
  • A guided tour of the mosque building accompanied by a faith guide.
  • Observation of one of the daily or special prayer services.
  • Interactive activities for school children.
Select The Mosque Visit Booking date (pre booked dates are highlighted in pink colour)
Sorry you can not book on friday, saturday and sunday at time 10am to 4pm (resticted time are highlighted in orange colour).
          General Rules
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We usually provide snacks or treats for visitors. Please let us know if any visitors suffer from any allergies in this respect.
For primary school children, we also have special worksheets prepared about the mosque which they may take back with them. There is also free literature on Islam for all visitors.

General Rules

All visitors are requested to:

  • Respect the peace and prayer of worshippers inside the mosque.
  • Remove their shoes in certain specific areas around the mosque.
  • Keep food and drinks out of the mosque, except areas that have been designated as eating areas.
  • Avoid bringing any animals into the mosque.
  • Keep the mosque’s building and courtyard clean by disposing off litter properly and safely.
  • Abide by the general rules of the mosque as displayed around the building.
  • Avoid smoking in the building and on the mosque’s courtyard.

Please note that we may discontinue any visit, if find any disrespectful or inappropriate behavior and ask visitors to leave the building.