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Byan By Sheikh ul Hadeeth Moulana Fazl-ur-Rahman A

Assalamu alaikum w.w.

We have the honour of
presence of 
Mufti Atiq-ur-Rahman Azmi Sahib (South Africa)
amongst us in Scotland for a very short time.
He is an ustaad, still teaching in Azadville, South Africa
and is the son of our esteemed 
Sheikh ul Hadeeth Moulana Fazl-ur-Rahman Azmi Sahib  

He will InshaAllah give bayan at:
Blackhall Masjid, Edinburgh EH4 2AJ, after zohr salah 1:30pm, Thursday 12th January.

All are invited including sisters.
Please forward to others, attend and benefit.
Jazakallah khair