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I hope you are well. I wanted to share this invite to the Scottish Police College at Tulliallan on Sunday 22nd January 2017 from 11.00am-2.00pm. They are holding a Positive Action Recruitment event for Minority Ethnic Communities on that day and the Chief Constable will be there to welcome everyone. This invite is for anyone really but especially for. the Edinburgh Masjids, as the Masjids have good links directly with their communities and are able to pass on this info  and invite to them. This is open to males and females.
This invite is open to people who are interested in a career in Policing so if you know people let me know. There are two sessions one at 11.00am-1.00pm, which will also include a mock fitness test and the other from 12.30pm-3.00pm.  
Theres a lot of work being done to encourage more members of the Muslim community to enlist in the Police, including, as Im sure youre already aware, the introduction of the hijab as part of the uniform. Im sure theres lots of interest and questions, I may be able to help but the best person to contact is Inspector Amar Shakoor, his contact details are below, hes also the person to contact for registration for this event. 
Amar Shakoor 
Positive Action Team 
Recruitment, Corporate Services 
Police Scotland 
01355 566 329